Buy Your Marble Slab from a Toronto Specialist!

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If you are buying a marble slab as part of a home renovation, you should work with a stone specialist. Read on to find out what a marble specialist can bring to the table.

Marble Is an Ancient Stone with Modern Uses

That marble slab that is enriching your Toronto home's countertop comes with a pedigree. Marble has been used as a building material since ancient times. In fact, the word ‘marble’ likely comes from the Greek 'marmaron,' or ‘shining stone.’
Marble is actually metamorphosed limestone. As it transforms, it becomes an interlocking mosaic of carbonite crystals. Those hallmark swirls are the result of impurities like clay, silt, sand and iron oxides.
Part of marble’s popularity has come from its accessibility. Marble is quarried from all over the world. From Italy comes the famous Carrara marble - noted for its milky white colour and (as Michelangelo knew) terrific for sculpting. Ireland is the source of Connemara marble, which is green, of course. The United States has celebrated varieties from Vermont and Georgia.
Marble has graced cathedrals, palaces and courtrooms - and is now finding its way into Canadian kitchens.

Buy Your Marble from a Specialist

The most important advice for buying stone for your home is to consult a specialist. An established stone dealer won’t see you as just another consumer. The dealer’s whole reputation is built on one product – stone – and he’s going to take care and pride in every sale. For many dealers, stone is a lifelong, multi-generational vocation, and your best bet is to find a small, family-run stone dealer.
It is also important to find a dealer with a good stock of marble. You want to view the slabs – not just small samples. Only the full cut will allow you to see the unfolding swirls and patterns of the stone, because - keep in mind - no two slabs are alike, and within the slab there is infinite variety.
A good dealer will educate you about the strengths – and weaknesses – of marble. As a kitchen countertop it is superb, but it can scratch and stain. The dealer can tell you ways of avoiding that. If you are thinking more in terms of flooring, the dealer will want to understand the traffic flow of the location you have in mind. If the traffic is heavy, marble may not be the right choice. For starters, it’s a slippery-when-wet stone, so it is not the best material for a washroom floor.
Once you’ve selected your slab, the dealer’s role is finished (unless the dealership is looking after the installation as well). It is now time for the craftsman to make an appearance.

The Fabricator Is an Artist in Stone!

A granite fabricator basically takes a slab of raw marble and turns it into a gorgeous countertop. He is contracted separately from the dealer and will come to your home and measure out the area to be covered. He then makes a template of the countertop and cuts the stone to shape. He will bevel the edges, hone the surface if needed, polish the stone to perfection and add any other accents you might want.
Some fabricators install the slab, or work with others to do so. Fabrication is a highly skilled occupation. Only the experienced eye of the fabricator can see what is required to convert your marble slab into a gorgeous Toronto countertop.